People side with power because they value its favor.
Social anxiety is getting in the way of the relationships this person wants to have.
Thoughts on the end of an era, its "main characters", web 2.0 & the real difference between Gen Z and Millenials, with friend & New Inquiry editor…
A 30 year old feels like they started their life ten years too late. But their grief is the natural byproduct of growth. 
This gripping drug drama captures the new Sweden, one that's starting to look a little like America once did 
We’re made to believe dropping the atomic bombs on Japan was an act vital to ending the war. Here's the real story, directly from the military leaders…
"I carry so much on my shoulders, in my hands, it’s all baggage. What do I do if I just want to run away?"
on consolation after a death
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Ayesha A. Siddiqi