Power Dressing

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February 2018 This is just an unkempt version of an outfit I already own. They didn’t need to rinse an 80s power suit with 30s military might but I’m always glad when the result is an anime character. Destabilized armies have trended all year...and so has dressing like you’ve been recently deposed. What’s more important than buttoning in the right order: Making sure you’re the boot not the boot licker. This isn’t the careful rejection of symmetry in favor of freedom of movement that you’d find in Anne Demeulemeester or Comme Des Garçons (and of course it isn’t, freedom of movement is currently the most embattled and rare freedom...more on that later, but all trends now are expressing this anxiety). This only works because it’s color blocked, and therefore looks neater than it is. Don’t be tricked, this is panic pretending it’s a picnic. Pleated skirt is spilling out to cover up the sins of the rest of the look. Crushing your pants into the shoes is more work than it’s worth. Should have been styled with a band T-shirt (The Strokes, specifically) and lost the hardware, those look like the type of medals they only give racists.