13 Truths

Notes to self

  1. The things that you “waste time on”…there’s a reason you’re drawn to them, explore the root of that impulse and follow where it takes you.

  2. Trying to anticipate what’s best for future you will not help you make decisions, taking care of what’s best for present you will. That’s the person whose needs you can answer. 

  3. The difference between fear and intuition is that the latter is information about a situation you’re in and the former grows out of a hypothetical you’re anxious about. When it becomes impossible to tell the difference is when your connection with yourself needs repair.

  4. The difference between self pity and self compassion is that the latter is necessary towards helping you keep going. Self pity prevents you from moving at all. Don’t mistake one for the other.

  5. If it feels like a good use of your time it probably is. Don’t let productivity culture warp your relationship to an indifferent force of nature. When it comes to a life well spent, time is not a currency you can budget. That would imply you know how much you have to spend.

  6. How you treat people is who you are.

  7. You’re seen for what you do - whether good or bad, whether immediately or years later. Your choices leave a record.

  8. Anger is information, nothing more nothing less. Take what it tells you but don’t let it act for you.

  9. You are only ever acting in relation to existing power structures. What people call “empowerment” is just marketing. The options are solidarity or opposition. Be mindful of who you benefit, who you harm, and who you allow yourself to be indebted to.

  10. Bury the hatchet, remember where.

  11. Never root your self esteem in something evaluated by anyone else.

  12. Growth becomes optional once you’re an adult, but adults have the same ability and imperative to grow that children do.

  13. Aiming to be useful rather than impressive will always make a better impression (one that makes a difference).