Spoilers included to protect people from the experience of watching a terrible movie. (content warning: sexual violence against women)
Thoughts on the end of an era, its "main characters", web 2.0 & the real difference between Gen Z and Millenials, with friend & New Inquiry editor…
This image isn't doing what people think it does.
A 30 year old feels like they started their life ten years too late. But their grief is the natural byproduct of growth.
As a beautiful counter-narrative on parenthood, A24's Lamb is a chance to critically examine the Trad movement
Social anxiety is getting in the way of the relationships this person wants to have.
After the end of a decade long relationship, a man wonders how to connect with the world and future love
People side with power because they value its favor.
on consolation after a death
Notes to self
"I carry so much on my shoulders, in my hands, it’s all baggage. What do I do if I just want to run away?"
We talk about the brilliant HBO comedy and making and marketing tv in the twilight of the streaming wars.